Patricia Arquette

Oscar-winning Actress/Equal Pay Activist


Gender Equality: Patricia Arquette’s Speech Cost Her Jobs


February 26, 2016 Variety

“But we can’t even base it on politics or who is President, Republican or Democrat,” he added. “Our passion for the rights of women, justice in any way, has to be stronger than all those mouths that are saying absolutely nothing, just talking a bunch of bull.”

Arquette herself is far from finished, and hardly sees her cause as won. She is championing an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and still working for economic empowerment of women.

“We have tens of millions of single moms in the country,” said Arquette, “and they’re really struggling, especially when they’re paid less than men. We have 33 million women and kids who wouldn’t be in poverty, who have full-time working moms; if they were just paid their full dollar, they wouldn’t be in poverty. They wouldn’t be wealthy, but they wouldn’t be in poverty.”

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Kamala Lopez

Film maker/Actress/Activist


Filmmaker seeks to put the Equal Rights Amendment back on the map


March 2, 2016

This film is designed to arrive at this moment. I’ve been reverse engineering this all along,” Lopez told MSNBC on Tuesday. “It is absolutely critical that women of all stripes, and of all parties, and of all ages are aware that their civil rights are, have been, and will continue to be violated on a very basic, profound level until they call representatives to account on the issue and do not permit a single local, state, federal, PTA appointee or elected person that doesn’t stand up and say ‘I believe in equality for all American citizens’ period, end of story.”


Kamala's film includes members of Congress, Gloria Steinem, Patricia Arquette, Eleanor Smeal, Terry O'Neill, Bobby Francis and many more.


With respect to equal pay start at 1:06:

"Women in the United States of America make only 77 cents for what men doing the same job make."

Senator Barbara Mikulski

To watch trailer on Fandango:

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