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Meet the Team

Kerry Godfrey Scroggins

Board Member,

Kerry Godfrey Scroggins is currently a Global Senior Marketing Director at Nike, Inc in Beaverton, Oregon where she has worked for nearly 19 years.  She has worked in Nike Advertising, Account Marketing, Corporate Responsibility, Retail Brand Presentation and Direct-to-Consumer across many sport categories.  From 2004 - 2006 she also lived in Sao Paulo, Brasil where she was the Marketing Director for Nike do Brasil where she launched the first ever Soccer Reality show across the country providing millions of young athletes the chance to be scouted professionally.   Prior to moving to Portland, she worked in both Boston and New York as an Advertising Executive at multiple agencies overseeing various packaged goods, sporting and outdoor brands.  Having worked in numerous positions over the years, her most personal and professional accomplishments were the Women in Sport Nike campaigns from 1995-1999.  Since 2007, Kerry has also been a board member of the Ainsworth Foundation (to support Portland Public Schools) and from 2008 -2011, together with her husband, she chaired the Portland arm of the World Cup Dreams Foundation that provides financial support and disability protection to the nation’s best skiers.  She has a B.A. degree in Communication with a minor in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts.   Kerry is married to William Scroggins, a full-time stay-at-home father, part-time home builder and 2012 recipient of the U.S. Master’s National Super G title.  They have a son, Tucker and a daughter, Taitum.

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